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    About Us

    Roofing and Restoration Construction Group is a privately held, Colorado Corporation based in Denver, Colorado. Roofing and Restoration Construction Group provides quality planning, construction, insurance claims viability assessment and loss valuation, and other related services to a variety of clients throughout North America.

    We strive to be the best. Our successful delivery of roofing and construction services comes from the commitment of experienced, skilled, and dedicated professionals striving to provide creative and cost-effective solutions to your construction needs.

    Management Team

    Roofing and Restoration Construction Group takes pride in the level of professionalism that makes up our staff. Our success and customer satisfaction is truly a team effort. The members of our management team are well-rounded in construction, restoration, insurance claims assessment and loss valuation, finance, and business ethics. Thus, allowing them to develop, educate, and inspire excellence in our Staff and our Subcontractors.

    All for the benefit of our clients.

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