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    What is RoofWRAP Shrinkwrap?

    Shrinkwrap is a thick, polypropylene sheet that, when heat is applied, shrinks to create a tight, waterproof seal. It is flexible and tear resistant so it may be molded around any surface or form. When properly adhered to damaged surfaces, Shrinkwrap will prohibit rain, ice, or snow from entering the interior of the building (whether a home, a business, or a manufacturing facility) and causing further damages; thus, providing the homeowner or business owner with peace-of-mind while waiting for the permanent repairs to be made.

    rof wrap cargo
    roof wrapping boat

    Our Services

    After a disaster strikes, it may be extremely difficult to find reputable contractors to make the necessary repairs to your property in a timely manner. While you are waiting, your property continues to be exposed to the elements and suffer further harm; harm that can mean more money out of your wallet and longer delays in getting you back on your feet.

    Too many of us have witnessed after a major storm the blue tarps on roofs torn or shredded and blowing in the wind; serving more as a sail than as a protective covering for damaged property. More often than not, blue tarps prove ineffective in protecting property from the elements because they have a much shorter life expectancy than Shrinkwrap and tend to come apart at the seams unlike Shrinkwrap.

    We understand the stress this can place an individual, a family, and/or a business under. With Shrinkwrap, you can rest assured that your boat, equipment, cargo, home or business is properly safeguarded. Unlike blue tarps, which last 3-4 months, Shrinkwrap is made to last up to a year or longer. Also, Shrinkwrap seams are heat-sealed unlike blue tarp seams that are held together by ropes or nails. As such, Shrinkwrap is the ideal long term method to mitigate against further harm to the property.

    No matter where you need us, we will be there fast! We have a 24 to 72 hour response time nationwide.

    Why RoofWRAP?

    Because unlike Tarps...

    • Our Shrink Wrap Forms a Continuous, Waterproof Shield;
    • Our Shrink Wrap is Wind Rated for 100-110 MPH Winds;
    • Our Shrink Wrap is Guaranteed for 12 Months;
    • Our Shrink Wrap is great for both Flat and Pitched Roofs;
    • Our Shrink Wrap is up to 13 mil of Thickness to Fit and Protect Every Roof.

    Choosing the Right Shrink Wrap for Your Project

    Whatever you need to protect, RoofWRAP has the perfect shrinkwrap to get the job done. Our Shrinkwrap comes in different grades of thickness. Each level provides the protection necessary for the specific function being demanded of it so you can rest assured that your property is properly safeguarded from the elements and from further damage.

    • 7mil – 8mil Shrinkwrap is primarily used in packaging, storing, and shipping small to mid-size equipment, boats, and cargo.
    • 9mil – 10mil Shrinkwrap is primarily used on residential, commercial, and industrial structures. It creates a tight, skin-like protective covering, which prohibits the elements from continuing to enter the property and cause further damage to the structure.
    • 12mil Shrinkwrap is primarily used when high-winds are a concern, such as, for extreme weather conditions or for items traveling under high freeway and railway speeds. It contains fire retardant additives as well as ultraviolet light inhibitor additives.

    Our Projects

    From Oregon to North Carolina and everywhere in-between, no matter where you need us, we will be there fast! We have a 24 to 72 hour response time nationwide.

    danaged building
    Damaged Commercial Roof
    Installation of Shrinkwrap
    wraped home
    Shrinkwrap Installed

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